Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pittsburgh Safari

We headed to Pittsburgh for a mini-family reunion this weekend. With the unseasonably warm weather, we (and a gazillion other people) headed to the zoo.
Since they didn't have a stroller for Makayla, Shelley and Joe ended up renting one - and everyone got in on the action!
The fish spent as much time checking us out as we spent admiring them.
Nana loved having all her kids there. The kids, they didn't love all the picture-taking so much.


Anonymous said...

the hairdo has to go...I'll keep the kids, thats what its about

rockle said...

i hope you don't mind that i stole that second-to-last picture of shae and the fish. (ps got a new lens so my photography problems from pittsburgh should be resolved. hopefully.) (pps finally taking time to catch up on blogs, i know i suck, sorry!)