Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wolfie's Baptism

I really wish I had better pictures to post of Wolfie's baptism on Sunday, but the lighting in my church didn't work well with my camera (so everybody has red-eyes, and they're the hard-to-fix kind), and I didn't really use my camera much at the brunch. So you'll have to settle for these.
Buszi with her two favorite grandsons.
Joey eating birthday cupcakes. (Sunday also happened to be Aunt Danielle's birthday.)
See how delicious these cupcakes are? (Seriously, he ate two. The were DELICIOUS!)


Anonymous said...

he's a starving artist!!! love mom

rockle said...

cupcakes are always delicious.

db said...

I'll send you a link to the photographer's site as soon as he edits and posts the pics! Thanks for being there xo