Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Handsome Model

Joey had "school pictures" taken right after he started back up at daycare. Their idea of school pictures are a little different than what I remember, but it's still nice to have something professionally done. Expensive, but nice. Now that he's bigger, they pose him in three different outfits. I still can't decide which one we like best. Let me know what you think!
Can't you just hear the western music playing in the background? (I imagine the old-timey western music, not Tim McGraw and Faith Hill country, but a nice twangy guitar that's the soundtrack for the horses movin' through town.)
I wish they would've done Blackhawks, but since the Bulls were hot this year, I guess I don't blame them. (I also think they did the 'Hawks last time; Joey just wasn't old enough yet.)
Seriously? A chimney sweep? I mean, if they were going for the reporter look, they could have at least given him a newspaper or a note pad or something.


rockle said...

for picture #1, i imagine hank williams playing in the background. "i'm so lonesome i could cry," maybe. if that were shae, it would be patsy cline or tammy wynette.

for #3, i think he's dressed like a newsie. but still: "chim-chim-cheree." remember, a sweep IS as lucky as lucky can be!

in every case, he is just the most adorable little nephew EVER.

rockle said...

no, i lied -- for #1, if it were shae, it would be dolly parton. either "eagle when she flies" or her cover of "stairway to heaven" which kicks eleventy kinds of ass.

now i want a karaoke machine for vacation, so we can teach shae and joey to duet on "islands in the stream," even though that song is totally inappropriate.

(ps captcha word for this go-round is "nuthin," no lie.)

db said...

love them all, but if you are going to print and distribute, we'd love the bulls pic!

uncle johnny says, "you need to photoshop a mustache on the cowboy picture".