Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garden Treasures

The spring flowers have come and gone.  The summer flowers, though, have started to bloom.
My "prize" rose bush. We planted this last year, and there have to be at least fifty or more buds (and now blooms) on this bush. It's beautiful.
We planted these peonies three summers ago. They have a faint pink center. (Not sure if it shows up well in this picture.) Even though my dad hit them with the weed wacker two summers ago, they've been coming back fine ever since.
I think we planted the clematis three summers ago, too. There are actually two plants, and both are thriving. I've cut these both back to the roots this spring, and I think they're bigger this year than ever!
Well, you all know when this flower got here. Now he's growing like a weed.
Not sure what these are, but we have them in red on both sides of the front of the house, a little in the back, and then a bigger pink grouping by the garage. They've almost taken over, but I don't mind at all.

Special thanks to my mom and dad for all their help with the landscaping and flower selections!


db said...

beautiful...hope to see your garden in person soon! i feel as though i saw you more when we were living in baltimore :(

rockle said...

that weedy one with the car -- stop feeding that one. it's getting too big too fast. water and bread crusts only, no more miracle grow or goldfish crackers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

the last flower is dianthus and you can go in with a digger and move a digger full anywhere just water them for a week unless it rains