Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day at the Races

A friend of ours was headed to Arlington Park on Monday, so we decided to join him. Joe had never been, and we thought Joey might enjoy watching the horses.
It was 90 degrees (or at least felt like it) on Monday. Joey hadn't napped all weekend and was exhausted before we got there. He didn't even want to feed the animals at the petting zoo. Daddy had fun, and won a little money. (Correctly guessing the trifecta on the fourth race, and consciously playing the same horses boxed, essentially playing the same trifecta twice.) But we didn't stay very long.
I got Joey to smile a little. Here we are at the Paddock, just after the horses for the fourth race entered the track. He had been using the video feature on my camera, watching himself on his tractor. At least I know how to keep him amused.


Anonymous said...

i hope this is not indicative of summer forecast ! i got some red white and blue props for vacation can't wait love mom

Anonymous said...

i want this picture of you and joey love mom