Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Break in the Weather

This weekend was the pits. It was 80 and sunny (with a few afternoon thunderstorms) all week, and then Saturday rolls around and it's overcast and cold. It was supposed to rain all weekend, so Saturday morning Joe got out the tractor to do a quick trim of the lawn. His number one helper was right behind him!
I also took quick stock of some of my flowers. Believe it or not, I have buds on one rose bush already. And the lilacs are finally blooming.
This bush we planted the summer after we bought the house. It's filling in nicely this year, and the blooms are gorgeous. I couldn't help spotting this "mutation" on one of the blooms.
After all the hard work, Joey got to take a few laps with Daddy on the tractor. Once again, my camera couldn't keep up!

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rockle said...

your lilacs are doing much better than mine did. they only bloomed for like a day and they're already done.