Friday, August 20, 2010

Mr. Bubbles

Joey absolutely loves bath time. Definitely more so when Daddy draws the bath, as Daddy uses way more bubbles than Mommy does.

Here he is making sure his bum is clean. (He's had a fascination with his bum for at least the last two weeks. Always cleaning it in the tub, wanting to put lotion on it before we put on our pj's. It's quite amusing.)
"Look, Mom! There are bubbles all over my hands! And now I'm going to put them in my hair!"
Such a cutie.


mom said...

you have a wonderful little boy a bit strong willed but fascinating !!!! sorry i'm missing your calls

rockle said...

Shae is into washing her feet right now. She always thinks they're stinky. (Probably because they are.)