Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun and Run

Sunday morning, Joey and I met up with some friends in Lincoln Park for the WTTW Fun and Run. The idea was great - walk around the park with other parents while the kids get to meet their favorite characters from PBS. What they failed to mention, though, is unlike at Disney, where there are numerous opportunities to meet the characters, here, all the characters were at designated locations, there was only one of each, and the lines were ridiculous. Somehow, though, we still managed to have fun.
Joey loves to hold hands, as long as those hands belong to other kids and not Mommy or Daddy. Here he is with Kennedy.
Meeting Grover, who he affectionately called "Elmo!!"
On the way home, cuddling with his new Tickle Elmo Baby (or something).
Completely wiped out from a fun day at the park.


rockle said...

maybe he would have recognized grover if he had the super grover costume on? at least he knew it was a muppet.

Shelze said...

Who knows what that doll is called, it's from mom. Looks like he had a great time! Wish I was there, i would have loved to have seen his reaction to elmorover!

mom said...

it looked like he was done in and he had fun love you mom