Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flower Power

Not the best quality image, but should give you an idea of how the hydrangeas have taken over the front garden. I plan on cutting them back, and maybe even digging a little out. I have to do something. You'll notice on the right a small bit of bluish-purple. Those are my Endless Summer hydrangeas. They came back nicely from last year, and hopefully will continue to prosper. The boy in the foreground needs no introduction.


Shelze said...

Looks like the hydrangeas could eat your little one. Oh, I don't know if Rachel told you or not, she has taught Shae that Joey is not a baby anymore, and when you ask Shae what he is, she says a twaddler. I think it is absolutely adorable!

rockle said...

haha, we have a hard time with "toddler," i guess the twaddler room was highly influential!

love the blue hydrangeas, they're my favorite.

mom said...

notice the small bit of color now we can measure joey bu the white ones !!!!! love mom