Monday, June 17, 2013

Beautiful Day

These were pictures from before Joey suffered from heat stroke. OK, maybe slight exaggeration, but only slight. He was asleep before 6pm yesterday, running a fever of 102+, and slept through the whole night. Did I mention the inability to keep anything down? (That actually started on Saturday night.) The good news is his fever broke this morning, and he's eating and drinking just fine. Ah, the joys of kids.
Playing with the blue ball. And being photo-bombed by Ginny.
Somebody loves to play with Mommy's camera case. (And he'll smile perfectly if you just tell him NO!)
Having some fun in his swimming pool. I believe this was the beginning of the end. I have to remember that when a 4-year-old is acting like a college kid in the pool (just chilling in his chair, not even trying to play), something's probably wrong.
I did capture this shot while Joey was still feeling good. I love the way the sun catches his hair. And yes, we still need to take him for his haircut.


Anonymous said...

definately.... also watch for rash

Rachel Gonzales said...

okay, WHAT IS GOING ON? why are your kids suddenly GIANTS? it's the culver's cheese curds, isn't it?

ALSO: i absolutely LOVE that picture of joey with the hair and the backlighting and i wouldn't change a thing. moptop is IN for moppets these days.