Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Growing So Fast

I know I haven't been nearly as good about posting pictures of Jacob as I was about Joey. I haven't been nearly as good about taking them. So while we were outside playing on Monday, I made sure to grab my camera.
Say cheese!
Joey absolutely did not want to pose, but I convinced him I could get the picture in one shot. Thankfully, i was right!
And I've figured out how to get Jacob to smile. If I just pretend I'm crying, he thinks it's hilarious, and I'm almost guaranteed a perfect shot.
Golf clubs
It worked for this one, too. And he loves the golf clubs. Good to know how to keep him entertained when we're all outside.


Anonymous said...

dont forget my pictures love mom

Rachel Gonzales said...

they are both such handsome buggers! and i have to say, i miss that age (1-2-ish), when the kids were still compliant and sat still for pictures. shae is OVER IT, and makayla is GETTING THERE.