Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's hard to believe Jacob's first Easter came and went already. Where has the time gone? Although mom and dad were a little under-prepared, we still had a great day!
Jacob happily wore his bunny ears for a few minutes, even if he doesn't look so happy here. He got some books and a new blanket. I think he liked tipping over the Elmo-basket more than anything.
Joey had an arts and crafts Easter. He got some paints, paint brushes and a smock, as well as some Play-doh and cutting tools. Oh, and of course some candy.
We had Easter dinner at Buszi and Grandpa's, and the kids had a great time playing with their cousins. The moms were smart this time and had the kdis pose almost as soon as we arrived. We knew if they got too excited, there would be no sitting still.
The two littlest ones sat and played together nicely after the big kids were up running around. We got them to wear the bunny ears for a few minutes, but Jacob really wasn't having it. Check out Danielle's blog to see more Easter cuteness!


Shelze said...

I LOVE the look Jacob had with the Elmo basket. I cannot wait to see you guys!!

Anonymous said...

great pics!!!!!!

db said...

Had a fun Easter with you all. I posted a few more pics of the boys with their balloons. Pretty funny :)