Friday, March 8, 2013

9 Month Un-birthday

I know I'm a couple days late, but happy 9-months to my Jacob! He's getting so big so fast, and just becoming more a toddler every day. He can clap now, and feed himself Cheerios. He's even had some real carrots and potatoes! He still isn't a huge fan of just standing up, but boy does he love to jump!
Here he is with Joey's sock monkey. He now towers over him. At his check-up this week, he's 20 lbs 14 oz, and over 29 inches tall. Not sure where he gets the height from, but hopefully he keeps it.
And of course, Joey needed to get in on the picture action. If I want to take a picture of them, forget it. But if I only want a picture of Jacob, he's right in there, saying me, too! Love my boys.


Anonymous said...

nice pictures i still have to get one made of jacob i know which one i have to get busy... i love you hope you are getting some sleep love mom

Shelze said...

I hope all is going well! Thank you for the posts, I cannot believe how big Jacob is getting. I won't recognize him when I see you guys again! I love how Joey photobombs the pictures, but you can see the love he has for his brother!