Monday, April 2, 2012

Face Painting

On Saturday, our daycare had their annual Easter pancake breakfast. They have all kinds of games for the kids to play, and some of the teachers were painting faces. Of course, when we first got there, Joey wanted nothing to do with anything. Eventually he saw enough of his friends and was willing to try the face paint.
When he sat in the chair, the teacher asked what color he wanted. He pointed to the green, so she started painting a caterpillar.
Given how reluctant he was to sit down in the first place, I was impressed with how well he behaved while the teacher was painting his face.
He was so excited when his caterpillar was done! One of the cute post-painting interactions ... during bath time, I heard him crying to his dad about his alligator. What? Then when we asked him about his alligator, he said he didn't want Daddy washing off his alligator. Caterpillar, alligator - either way, he was attached. We had to promise him we'd find somewhere else to get his face painted later.

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