Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Z is for Zoo

Friends of ours were in town from California, and after lunch, we headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We walked through the Primate House, the Cat House, saw the gorillas and some zebras and even some camels. But of course, when you ask Joey what his favorite part was, he says the Tractor.
After we walked around the zoo proper, we stopped by the Farm at the Zoo. One of the nice things is that the part Joey likes is completely in doors, so we stayed nice and warm and out of the wind.
All the kids got into the action - and somehow we managed to get at least one good shot where we could see all the faces!
For those who haven't been, this is a real tractor, and Joey must have gone on at least four times. The most fun for me is watching the dads stand in line and then yell at their kids to come over when it's "their" turn.
They also have these giant tractor wheels (with recycled rubber instead of sand) which is fun for all to play in. And the rubber cleans up so much easier than sand! (If we ever do a sandbox in the backyard, I'm thinking the rubber also is less attractive to the kitties.)


Anonymous said...

Is it really that cold or just windy ? love mom

rockle said...

i remember when we went to that zoo with the kids! i need to come out and visit soon.

also: there will be pictures of shae with construction equipment later this week. you have been warned.