Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cow Train

There was this really cute cow "train" at Konow's. Everything was pulled by tractors, so we thought of course Joey would love it. And judging from this first picture, you would think that's the case.
Well, let me tell you, I have no idea how we got him to smile in this picture. Literally, this was one of the first things we tried. Mommy was going to sit with him. NO. He would have none of it. Maybe he was just so thrilled to not be in the cow anymore, he was willing to smile.
A little later in the morning, when our friends arrived, we decided to give it a go again. That's not a wave in this picture, he's crying for Mommy to come get him.
I gave him his pacifier instead.
He was apparently so pooped by this point, that Daddy said he laid on him the whole time. At least he didn't cry!

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